Family Care Navigation (STABLE Families)

Organization: Whitman-Walker Health

Community-based services to support families impacted by HIV. This can include:

Anyone who is pregnant and living with HIV
Anyine who is living with HIV and parenting

Our goal is to help you remove any barriers to care and help you birth an HIV-negative baby.

Family Care Navigation services can help you balance your HIV care with the well-being of your family. We can help you get into HIV care, connect with resources for you and your children, and be there to talk when things are difficult. If you are pregnant, we help you through pregnancy to have a healthy, HIV-negative baby. We know there is so much more to you than HIV, so we help you work toward all of your goals to have a happy and healthy life for you and your family.
Service Category: Care
Service Eligibility: Living with HIV or AIDS LGBTQ
Application: Call for more information or to make an appointment or a referral.

Whitman-Walker Youth Services
651 Pennsylvania Ave SE Washington DC 20003


Bobby Bangert


Manager of Youth and Family Care Navigation