Clothing Program - Adventist Community Services

Organization: Adventist Community Services of Greater Washington

Generous and caring community members bring clothing donations to the Adventist Community Services of Greater Washington (ACSGW) center at 501 Sligo Avenue throughout the year. Volunteers then sort the clothing and display the items in the center's small store, just like you would see in a retail clothing store, except there are no price tags. The clothing is free for qualifying people.

People in need of clothing can schedule a time to discuss their needs with a case manager. The case manager will ensure the person qualifies for our assistance. Upon leaving the case manager's office, qualifying clients proceed to the "store" to shop. Since our shop is so small and demand is so high, we set limits on the number of items a client can take during any visit. We also ask clients to only shop one day a month and limit their selection to what is needed for members of the client's immediate household.
Service Category: Goods
Application: An appointment is required, please call to make an appointment.

Adventist Community Services of Greater Washington
501 Sligo Avenue Washington DC 20910

(301) 585-6556

Monday - Thursday : 10:00AM - 2:30PM