Consumer Fraud and Financial Abuse Unit

Organization: AARP Legal Counsel for the Elderly

With the twin goals of protecting clients’ homes and their sources of income, the Consumer Fraud and Financial Abuse Unit provides direct representation to LCE clients on a range of issues, including:
- Foreclosure Defense;
- Real Property Fraud;
- Debt Collection Defense;
- General Consumer Issues.
- The unit also houses the Real Property Tax Project, which represents clients who are facing real property tax foreclosures.

In addition to providing direct services, the unit attorneys make an impact through systemic and policy advocacy. Our attorneys have been involved at the ground level in:
- The creation of an early mediation program in mortgage foreclosure suits filed in court and a similar mediation program for non-judicial foreclosures;
- The creation of a court-based legal services program to protect seniors from abusive debt collection suits;
- Legislative and administrative advocacy on mortgage and condominium foreclosures, real property tax issues, and financial exploitation.

LCE is a member of the DC TROV core multidisciplinary team, created to help D.C. first responders and advocates better respond to elder abuse victims. In 2015, DC TROV delivered an 8-hour training to more than 350 MPD Detectives as cross-training sessions with victim advocates, the aging network, Adult Protective Services staff, and others who may interact with at-risk seniors . The trainings included information about identifying forms of elder abuse and investigation techniques to promote the prosecution of elder abuse crimes and to enhance victim safety.
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