Courtney's House

Courtney’s House is committed to providing trauma informed services for domestic sex trafficked youth between the ages of 12 and 21.

Courtney's House:
Fearlessly searches for children who are being forced into prostitution on the streets, in brothels, strip clubs, private homes, and hotels.
Embraces the survivors and brings them into a safe environment where they and their families can heal, recover and develop hopeful, dignified and influential lives.
Trains community officials and creates awareness of the reality of sex trafficking in neighborhoods across America to help stop the crimes from happening.

Services for Survivors of Human Trafficking

Courtney's House provides recovery services for male, female, and transgender survivors of sex trafficking ages 12 to 21. We work with law enforcement to find and recover survivors from their traffick...
Service Category: Emergency Care
Courtney's House - PO Box
P.O. Box 48626 Washington DC 20002