Downtown Cluster of Congregations

The Downtown Cluster is a non-profit, ecumenical association aimed at cooperatively meeting pressing human service needs in the District of Columbia.
(202) 347 - 7014   (Voice)

Homeless Services Unit

The Homeless Services Unit is a team of bi-lingual outreach workers providing emergency referrals and case management assistance to the street homeless of the nation's capital. The goal of the progra...
Service Eligibility: Housing Status Homeless

Washington Area Community Investment Fund (WACIF)

This fund, with over $2.5 million in assets, has made over 60 loans to low-income families, tenants' groups, congregations, and non-profit housing groups to assist in the purchase and rehabilitation o...
Service Category: Money Financial Aid & Loans
Service Eligibility: Income Low-income
Downtown Cluster of Congregations