Assessment and Referral Center

The Assessment and Referral sites provide same day assessment and referral for individuals seeking treatment for substance use disorders. To refer to the appropriate program, qualified clinicians conduct an assessment that includes the nature of the addiction, use history, any mental health care needs, and overall health status. Once the appropriate level of care is determined, an individual can choose from a list of providers certified to offer treatment tailored to personal experience and life circumstances. Services include detoxification, treatment including medication assisted treatment, individual and group counseling, self-help and recovery activities, and, in some cases, residential treatment. Women can bring their children under 10 years old to live with them in certain residential programs.
Priority referral is available for individuals living with HIV/AIDS, women with children and pregnant women.
Part of DC government.
(202) 727 - 8473   (Voice)

ARC Services

ARC provides: Same day assessment and referral Detoxification, medication assisted treatment, individual and group counseling, recovery activities, residential treatment Same Day HIV Testing
(202) 727-8473 (Voice) English
Required Document: Photo ID
Service Eligibility: Age Group Ages 21+ Geography DC Resident
The Assessment and Referral Center (ARC)